The 4th International research-to-practice conference

for young scientists

«Environment status indication: theory, practice, education»

 Moscow, MSPU, Geography department, 16 – 18 April 2015

You are invited to take part in the 4th International research-to-practice conference for young scientists «Environment status indication: theory, practice, education». The conference is to be held at Geography department of  Moscow State Pedagogical University on 16 – 18 April 2015.

Young scientists, researchers (geographers, soil scientists, ecologists, geologists, biologists) and professors of  Science are welcomed to participate.

Summarizing the results of the conference a collection of research papers (with ISBN) will be published. The participants' articles will be mentioned in Russian Science Citation Index.

The articles, presentations, audio and video recordings of the plenary session and the workshops will be posted on the Internet (under the terms of CC-BY license).

Workshops of the conference: 

  1. Modern methods of  environment status indication;
  2. Environment status indication and geoinformational technologies;
  3. Results of indicative, ecological and geochemical research;
  4. Environment status indication and education.

 Working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

Organising committee

Committee chairman: Prof., Ph.D. E. Furaev.

Readers: Prof., Ph.D. A. Yezhov; Prof., Ph.D. M. Skripnikova; Prof., Ph.D. E. Filatova.

Secretary: S. Ivanov.

Address: 129626, Moscow, Kibalchicha st., 16, MSPU, Geography department.

E-mail: indconf2015@geochemland.ru


Website: http://geochemland.ru/indconf2015en

Phone numbers: 8-495-683-66-91, 8-495-683-14-30

Workplan of the conference:

  • before 16 February 2015 — registration of the participants, research works admission;
  • before 6 March 2015 — the readers' work, sending notifications on accepting the materials for publication;
  • before 20 March 2015 — filling in the participants' forms, preprint control, arrangement fee reception;
  • 16-18 April 2015 — holding the conference;
  • 30 April 2015 — posting the materials of the conference on the Internet;
  • before 31 May 2015 — sending the collection of research papers to distance participants.

Forms of participation


Oral report. The participant gives a report within one of the workshops or the plenary session of the conference. The participant's article is published in the collection of research papers of the conference. The duration of the plenary report is 15 minutes. The duration of the workshop report is 7-10 minutes. The report is followed by a presentation.

Poster report. The participant sets up a presentation mount in the conference room. The authors of the poster reports are supposed to be present next to their mounts during some time to answer the participants' questions. The article is published in the collection of research papers of the conference.


Publication of the article in the collection of research papers only.

The organising committee reserves the right not to admit the research works, which are inappropriate to the theme of the conference or unapproved by the readers.

Registration of the participants

The registration of the participants of the conference is conducted on the proper web page of the conference website.

To take part in the conference it is necessary to:

  1. before 16 February 2015 register and send the text of the article in electronic form by means of website of the conference. Your participation will be confirmed within two weeks;
  2. before 20 March 2015 fill in the participant's form on the website of the conference;
  3. before 20 March 2015 pay the participant's arrangement fee and send the confirmation of payment by means of website of the conference.

Arrangement fee

The arrangement fee for full-time participation in the conference and publication of the article (not  more than 4 pages) comes out at 800 Р. The articles which exceed 4 pages are published in concurrence with the organising committee and 100  Р  is paid for every extra page. The arrangement fee for distance participants from Russia is 900 Р, for distance foreign participants it is 1200 Р. One issue of the collection of research papers is included in the arrangement fee. The price of every extra issue of the collection is 300 Р.

Arrangement fee payment

The arrangement fee may be paid by means of:

  • Postal money order at the address: 129626, Moscow, Kibalchicha st., 16, MSPU, Geography department, to Ivanov Stanislav;
  • Transfer through electronic payment system WebMoney on the e-wallet of the organising committee R315090247941. Specify your registration number in the comment to money transmission;
  • Any payment terminal, maintaining WebMoney e-wallet replenishment. It is obligatory to replenish the e-wallet of the organising committee R315090247941.

After the arrangement fee is paid it is necessary to confirm the payment on the website of the conference. In case of using the postal money order or a payment terminal the data, which are indicated on the received cheque should be noted.

Travelling, board, lodging expenses and visa fee are supposed to be for the participant's account. Nonresident participants of the conference are provided with berths in the hall of residence. Cost of accommodation is up to 1600 Р per day. An additional letter with detailed information will be sent to those who put housing requirements on the application form.

Initial agenda of the conference

  • 16 April 2015 — the plenary session, workshops;
  • 17 April 2015 — workshops;
  • 18 April 2015 — workshops, closing of the conference.

The work program of the conference will be confirmed after 20 March 2015.

Requirements for execution of the article

The article is sent to the organising committee by means of website of the conference.

Article requirements

Article size: under 4 pages. The text of the article, the list of references, tables and pictures (not more than five altogether) are included. The publication of an article which is longer than 4 pages is possible at additional charge. In the text references are numbered in square brackets and shown in compliance with the requirements of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation.

File format of the article: doc, docx, odt, pdf. Font – Times New Roman, font size – 12 pt. Margins: top, bottom, right, left – 20 mm. Paragraph indention – 1,25 mm. Interline interval – one and a half.

Presentation requirements

Presentation formats: ppt, pptx, odp, pdf. For the purpose of demonstration such programs as Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, LibreOffice Presenter 4.3, Adobe Acrobat Reader X, VLC Player 2.1.5 will be available on the computer. Internet connection is not guaranteed. The first page should contain the author's full name, affiliation and the title of the report.